Woodblock prints

This process is called Moku hanga the Japanese term for woodblock print (moku means wood and hanga means print). Woodblock printing was brought to Japan in the 8th century by Buddhists from China and was first used to reproduce religious texts. This work has been created with three hand carved woodblocks, using water based pigments and hand printed with a baren onto Japanese Mulberry paper.
Each print is 16cm H x 22 cm W.


…..more sculpture

Eucalion.    Steel and acrylic     1.2metres H  X 2.5metres W

Eucalion   The piece consists of 29 steel rods, which have been bent at a particular angle to create a spray like effect. Each rod is threaded with white acrylic discs.  Eucalion, a hybrid,  a cross between a Eucalypt and a Dandelion plant.


detailof Eucalion in situ.JPG



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